What is VezaToday?

VezaToday is a sub-division of Veza Online Directories, which has over 81 000+ business listings. It is an online directory in the United States.

Who can get listed?

We support various types of businesses, from art to medical laboratories. Therefor, anyone can list their business. If you would like to get listed, you are more than welcome.

What happens if my contact details change?

You only need to follow one easy step: Contact our Veza Assist Helpline on 072 282 2219 and give them your updated information. We will update your listing within 24 hours.

Why do I need to subscribe?

If you subscribe, we will send monthly marketing tips and secrets. You will also be the first to receive our specials and promotions.

How does the payments work?

Once you become our client, we will ask you to sign a debit order from which we will deduct a monthly amount as agreed upon. You may cancel at any time and we don’t require a cancellation fee.

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